Sl. Date Subject Name Faculty Download
 1  09-05-2020  B.B.A-Part-III-BBA-13-MARKETING STRATEGY  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 2  09-05-2020  B.A-Part-I-BBA-Online class information-On Zoom App  Suraj Kumar Tiwari  Click Here
 3  10-05-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-xth-single and output costing  Kumar Mangal Singh  Click Here
 4  10-05-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-iii & x-online class detail  Kumar Mangal Singh  Click Here
 5  11-05-2020  B.B.A-Part-III-BBA-13-Distinction between Marketing And selling  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 6  17-05-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-X-COST RECONCILIATION STATEMENT  Kumar Mangal Singh  Click Here
 7  19-05-2020  B.B.A-Part-III-BBA-13-Market Segmentation  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 8  21-05-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-2-Leadership  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 9  23-05-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-2-Management: Nature and scope  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 11  27-05-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-iii-auditing  Kumar Mangal Singh  Click Here
 12  30-05-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-1-Process, Objectives of Business communication  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 13  01-06-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-xth -fund flow statement  Kumar Mangal Singh  Click Here
 14  06-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-vi-Capital Budgeting  Kumar Mangal Singh  Click Here
 15  08-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-vi-Capital Budgeting; discounted cash flow method  Kumar Mangal Singh  Click Here
 16  15-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-1-MODE OF COMMUNICATION  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 17  15-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-III-INTRODUCTION OF DEBENTURES  Kumar Mangal Singh  Click Here
 18  16-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-7-Indian contact Act (Meaning & Nature And Difference between agreement and contract  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 19  17-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-7-Essential Elements of a valid contact  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 20  18-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-7-Consideration: Elements And Types  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 21  18-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-iv-Difference between public and private company  Suraj Kumar Tiwari  Click Here
 22  20-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-III-Issue of debentures  Kumar Mangal Singh  Click Here
 23  20-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-7-Contract of sale and Agreement to sell  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 24  21-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-III-Redemption of debenture  Kumar Mangal Singh  Click Here
 25  21-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-7-Essential of contact Of Sale  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 26  22-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-7-Formalities of contract of sale  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 27  23-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-7-Condition And Warranties  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 28  24-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-7-Negotiable Instrument Act  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 29  25-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-7-Factories Act(Important Definition)  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 30  25-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-Paper 4-Globalisation  Suraj Kumar Tiwari  Click Here
 31  27-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-7-Provisions regarding Health of Workers  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 32  28-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-VI-Capital rationing  Kumar Mangal Singh  Click Here
 33  29-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-Paper 9-Liberalisation and its impact  Suraj Kumar Tiwari  Click Here
 34  29-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-III-Redemption of debenture (purchase from open market)  Kumar Mangal Singh  Click Here
 35  31-07-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-Paper 9-Multinational corporations  Suraj Kumar Tiwari  Click Here
 36  04-08-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-X-CASH FLOW STATEMENT (INTRODUCTION)  Kumar Mangal Singh  Click Here
 37  07-08-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-X-Preparation of cash flow statement  Kumar Mangal Singh  Click Here
 38  07-08-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-Paper 9-Joint stock company  Suraj Kumar Tiwari  Click Here
 39  25-08-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-7-Welfare of workers (Factories Act)  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 40  26-08-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-7-Contract Act: Important Definition of terms  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 41  27-08-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-1-New trends in Business communicationcomm  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 42  28-08-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-7-Maternity Benefits Act  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 43  29-08-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-7-Employee state Insurance Act  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 44  31-08-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-7-Payment of Gratuity Act  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 45  02-09-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-7-Payment of Bonus Act  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 46  04-09-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-2-Delegation of Authority, Meaning  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 47  05-09-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-2-Steps in Delegation of authority  Satish Chandra  Click Here
 48  09-09-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-Paper 9-Privatization and its impacts  Suraj Kumar Tiwari  Click Here
 49  10-09-2020  B.B.A-Part-II-BBA-VI-WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT - INTRODUCTION  Kumar Mangal Singh  Click Here
 50  12-09-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-Paper4 -Opportunity cost  Suraj Kumar Tiwari  Click Here
 51  19-09-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-Paper 4-Pricing method  Suraj Kumar Tiwari  Click Here
 52  10-10-2020  B.B.A-Part-I-BBA-Paper 4-Pricing under perfect competition  Suraj Kumar Tiwari  Click Here

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